15 Tips: How to- Perfect Selfie

Hello hello 🙂 Random fact: I was so close to never making this video because it wasn’t fancied by one of my sponsors. I was made a juicy offer with Samsung and this was my original proposal video idea for them; about 6 years ago. It actually got almost 3 Million Views! I went ahead on my own terms, hence the cover cellphone jewels 😉 

They wanted a completely different video concept; which I still did with them… (it was a blast, I loved everyone apart of the team) However, it didn’t do as well in video views. Their “Makeup Photoshoot Concept” only hit about 100k views on my channel. I’m so happy that I still posted this and you guys loved it! I always do what I know is best, and you should too… no matter how many people disagree. As requested, I have re-uploaded and added more edits for my new yt channel! Enjoy <3


All my honest thoughts and opinions, not being paid to talk about anything in this video. Some links may be affiliated. Only trying to help spread the word of products/tools that actually work and give me the best results after trying other kinds. Remember, you never have to use what I use — only if you’d like to try it out for yourself too and get similar results 😉 This video is not sponsored. 





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