Amalfi Italy Travel Diaries

This would be the ultimate honeymoon getaway. The moment I looked out our hotel, I was convinced. No other place gave me this precise feeling. It’s hands down the most exquisite coastlines in the world! If you only had 3 top places to visit in the world, this would be number one. Hands down. Maybe, I’m just saying this cause I’m half Italian and love everything about Italy?! You have to see it yourself to be the judge 😉

Positano, Amalfi Coast

Lovely intimate scenes around every corner, old-world charm, new-world comfort, world class dining; what’s not to like here? SERIOUSLY. Ok. Ok. Actually, one of the girls got intense motion sickness from just the drive alone. The roads are very winding. However, I loved every second of it! There is not enough words to describe how beautiful this place is. Oh my goodness.

Le Tre sorelle

This restaurant is located right at the beach. The food is incredible! Good vibes, good views, everything was on point! I highly recommend this spot. 

HN Collection Hotel

The best scenic view from my hotel room EVER! I would go back every year if I could. The staff was amazing, the dining room looked like a magical wedding scene. The food tasted incredible. Everything was excellent here. I loved it.


Even though this eruption happened two thousand years ago, they were still able to preserve the old cultural and archeological look. A total must see. It’s so disheartening how it was destroyed by the violent eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE 🙁

Maison Marie, Sorrento

Another wonderful hotel experience. This was closer to town. Tons of nice shops and restaurants to check out. I loved the two story vibes, it felt spacious. HR Collection Hotel (above)  is still my all time favorite though! Out of all the hundreds of hotels I’ve been to! Literally. There wasn’t too much of a view here; expect for moi :p hahah. However, lots more things to do around the area which makes up for it! 

Ristorante Tasso, Sorrento

This place is fancy. Amazing tasting food, great staff. Perfect for a romantic date night and a stroll in Sorrento. Highly recommend this restaurant!

Amalfi Views

There are so many breathtaking views while driving around the coast. It’s known as one of the most beautiful in all of Europe! Just be careful at night time, there are no lights and things can turn sour fast. 

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