Top 20 Must Do’s In Dubai

If you only had 1 or 2 weeks in Dubai aka the land of gold; these would be the top 20 (ONCE IN A LIFETIME) recommendations 🙂 There is so much more to do. I actually can’t wait to revisit, there are places where you only ever want to visit once and that’s enough, unless you have friends and fam there. BUT DUBAI… JESUS… I seriously see myself there again! Maybe with a special someone next time. It’s more magical than Paris and Los Vegas, hands down. If you and your lover have never been to Dubai, it will take your relationship to level infinity and beyond. Enjoy <3

1.) ZETA Seventy Seven

Do you want a really memorable dinner? At a rare sunken table? In the middle of the world’s highest infinity pool? 77 stories high up, surrounded by exquisite views at every angle… Zeta 77; located at Address Beach is a must, once in a lifetime experience! No words can describe how gorgeous it is up here. They do have an entrance policy, do book in advance. You will not regret it.

Location | 800 Address Beach Resort, Dubai

Zeta Website

2.) Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

A glass bottom boat ride on top of one of the largest aquariums in the world, filled with 10 million liters of water, hundreds of sharks and home to thousands of aquatic animals; is a less intense experience, than actually being in an underwater cage right next to the sharks, which you can also do, if you’re feeling brave enough, at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. It is hands down the prettiest aquarium I have ever seen in my life. Tons of photo opts and interesting animals to explore. This is located at the Dubai Mall which is massive, about 50 football fields. Be prepared for a whole day of pure adventures here. There are so many fabulous stores, fun activities and restaurants to keep you going and going.

Location | 800 Dubai Mall

Dubai Aquarium Website

3.) Vault

Are you looking for a less crowded bar that attracts classy types of people? Vault on the 71st and 72nd floors of JW Marriott specializes in very high standard Russian Drinks; they were mixed to perfection. Such delicious foods, panoramic views and a dance floor with lit music to get you enjoying the night to the fullest. We really had one of the best nights here! Everything was on point.

Location | Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, JW Marriott Marquis, Dubai

Vault Website

4.) Gobble me Good

Don’t forget to try the best waffles at Gobble Me Good. They have a unique Rose Petal dessert and other specialties that are too delicious for words. The atmosphere and views are unreal at The Beach. A great way to end any night. 

Location | TB-49A – next to Eggspectatio, The Beach 

 Gobble Me Good Website

5.) Meshico - The Soul of Mexico

Have you ever had your drinks delivered to you on top of someone’s head? While women dancing on stilts, live music, delicious Mexican foods and first class entertainment at its finest? The soul of Mexico has it all! Prepare to party all night as they have a club connected right above too! It’s located right in the $12 billion dollar man made island, Palm Jumeirah.

Location | A. Palm Jumeirah The Pointe, Block B, Dubai 

Meshico Website

6.) Global Village

 A next must visit is Global Village, you literally get to experience about 80 different countries all in one humongous place. You shoppers and foodie lovers will be astonished with how much variety there is to discover from all over the world here! I also got to explore Russia, and it’s unfortunate that so many innocent Russians and Ukrainians really didn’t want war, regardless of it actually happening right now, which is so twisted and heartbreaking! Learning and exploring all the different cultures was such an awakening experience.

Location | Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road – Exit 37 – E311 – Dubai 

Global Village Website

7.) Tiger Buggy

Driving a super fast Dune Buggy through Dubai’s Magical Desert of endless sandy slopes is a definite top must do! If you are looking for a fun satisfaction hit, I promise this will have your adrenaline levels pumping higher than the clouds! I highly suggest going before sunset to capture some beautiful IG worthy shots. This exciting desert adventure will not disappoint you.

Location | Dubai-Hatta Road, Sharjah, UAE

Tiger Buggy Website

8.) Shangrila Hotel

Do you want one of the best hotel views of Dubai’s insanely impressive intersections on their most famous Sheikh Zayed Road? Shangri La hotel is the spot. Unbelievable views, amazing all inclusive breakfast buffet choices, daily afternoon tea with yummy treats, unlimited drinks and bites during happy hour, along with a private lounge pool access area; exclusively for Horizon Club suites, you seriously will be enjoying life like royalty here. Looking out our window felt surreal. Like I was in a fairy tale dream. The only downside is that the fuse kept blowing in our powder room, (with their electronics) even after their techs tried to fix it, I hope they really fix the root to that for future guests. 

Location | Sheikh Zayed Road, P.O. Box 75880 United Arab Emirates

Website | Shangri-La Hotel

9.) The View

Where is the best place to get a perfect 360 Degree view of Dubai and it’s world’s largest 12 billion dollar man made; Palm Jumeirah island? Standing at 52 stories high, The Views observation deck will leave you speechless. Looking at it on google earth just isn’t the same. Seeing this with my eyes was almost unreal, guys. It’s too beautiful for words.

Location | The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Website | The View

10.) Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Are you really into mesmerizing places? The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a must visit in Abu Dhabi and welcomes all religions. Truly an impressive building, it’s filled with fascinating art and the most beautiful craft work I have ever seen. Be sure to dress correctly, you want to be all covered in an “abaya” which is a full-length cloak or else they won’t let you in. With free entrance, you won’t be disappointed here. It’s literally like you have stepped into the gates of heaven here.

Location | Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street، – 5th St – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

Website | Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

11.) Dune Bashing & Camel Riding

I also highly recommend trying more activities with a superb Desert Safari adventure package deal. Dune bashing with a professional driver is such an accelerating off road experience. Guys, it was hella fun. Kinda scary yet so exciting. The UAE’s desert has become the top destination for adventures such as sand boarding and camel riding with such picture perfect sunset views, it felt like a dream, as if heaven was real on earth. Our package also included a super delicious 3-course feast of Emirati specialities and the whole middle eastern camp experience was incredible. The live belly dancing shows, with Arabian folk music, while you relax under the stars, is truly a memory you’ll forever treasure.

Location | Al Ain highway (E66), Dubai

Website | Desert Safari Dubai


Beach by Five Palm Jumeirah is one of the most exclusive beaches in Dubai. It is absolutely next level here. True paradise! Stunning VIP Cabanas that you can relax in on a day where you just feel like chillin’, soaking up some vitamin D and being served with delicious foods. They also have tons of fun events and water activities to try like flyboarding, jet skiing and the list goes on and on.

Location | No. 1 Palm, Dubai

Website | Beach by Five Palm

13.) Persian Gulf Cruise

You’re gonna have such a magical time cruising through the Persian Gulf Coast, catching sunsets and exploring the best views of Dubai through the sea. They offer private and non private luxury Yacht rentals by the hour with a crew on board and whatever your heart desires to take all your worries away! Guys, experiencing a private cruise with Dubai’s top of the world views, has to be my favorite memory, for reals.

Location | Dubai Marina Yacht Club Pier 7 | 4422

Website | Dubai Yatch Rental

14.) Dubai Marina

I highly suggest also staying a few nights in the Marina area to balance out the heavy City feels. We stayed at the crown tower and really enjoyed just chilling by the pool and soaking in that sun. Being right on the Marina Walk Path is super convenient and is too beautiful for words. I had one of the best night time walks in my life here, there’s just so much going on all around, nice outlets and restaurants throughout this perfect 7 Kilometer palm lined waterfront path.

Location | Dubai Marina Walk – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Website | Dubai Marina Walk

15.) Expo 2020

Have you ever wanted to discover every country in one day? Expo 2020 is like a time travel machine to any destination you desire in the world. Literally. It’s more of a discovery and learning experience kinda vibe here. Not much shopping to do like Global Village but also a total once in a life-time must see. Italy, where my roots are from, hit home for me, very well presented with a fun tour guide. Australia is also my top favorite! I was impressed and you will be too!

Location | E311 Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road

Website | Dubai Expo 2020

16.) Burj Khalifa

If you didn’t know, the highest tower in the world is the Burj Khalifa and Dubai’s main top attraction for tourists, 160 stories is insanely high! You won’t be disappointed by the architectural magnificence, spectacular fountain shows and stunning sites all around.

Location | 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Website | Burj Khalifa

17.) CÉ LA VI

Looking to propose to your special one? This is a very popular spot for it. I saw two in just a couple hours of dining! Seriously, an amazing fine dining experience you won’t forget. Located in the heart of downtown Dubai, you get one of the best views of the iconic tower and its surroundings. The food is also incredible, I ordered the Salmon dish and it has to be one of the best. Trust me, I order Salmon everywhere. I’m pretty sure it was wild caught!

Location | Level 54, Address Sky View Hotel Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Tower 2, Dubai 251869 

Website | CÉ LA VI

18.) GÅL Dubai

Not many restaurants have good photo ops! Gal is also a must visit to take that perfect selfie with a fancy moon right in front of the world’s tallest tower. They have other beautiful photo ops inside, such as this butterfly and red heel. I ordered a beet salad and it was on point, flavorful and filling. I loved the live music and the ambience was incredible!

Location | The Address Downtown, G Floor – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai

Website | GÅL Dubai

19.) The Acai Spot Café

This is the spot where you can get lots of work down with your laptop. Chill vibes, not too expensive menu items and delicious healthy treats. I saw lots people working alone here compared to other Cafés. They have comfortable swings around the outside to take in that fresh air, while sippin’ on a ice coffee. Such cute vibes. The spot to relax for sure.

Location | Marina Gate Retail 112 – Dubai

Website | The Acai Spot Café

20.) Nargui Five Club

 If you are looking to hold your birthday or after party event, the full led screen walls are surreal! Lots of lounge area and good music to dance or just vibe and chill out to. You can order delish bites at this Shisha lounge and I honestly had an amazing time here. The golden sinks though 😉 I love this place and I’m sure you will too <3

Location | Al Habtoor City, SZR, Water Canal

Website | Nargui Five Club

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