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If you have frizzy, dry, curly and dull looking hair due to genetics or have chemically damaged hair; this will 110% fix ALL TYPES OF HAIR like the pros do it. THIS IS NO MICKEY MOUSE TEQNIQUE. It’s a permanent (6-8 month) fix, that transforms your dull hair into the most luscious, straight, silkiest soft hair like out of a magazine. You can do this on your own at home or show this video for help. It’s VERY EASY to do once you get the hang of it.  You will save thousands of dollars with professional results, if you follow and use exactly what I swear by.


Quick Step By Step Guide

1.) Clarify hair 2-3 times, do not condition. 

2.) Fully dry with a good blow dryer on low heat.

3.) Saturate hair with Keratin and comb out for proper distribution. Start from bottom section, working your way up.

4.) Wear a mask and blow dry the Keratin into hair using a loop brush or in sections for extra thick curly hair.

5.) Flatiron at 450°F, must. Approximately 7 times each section, at the nap, shaft and end. Complete with one full pass. 


Watch the full tutorial in action <3

After care and Tips

 Try to not wet hair for 24 hours, do not leave in hair longer for 24 hours. Your hair will be over keratinized which causes brittleness, dryness and being extra fragile. Must wash out.

It’s best to trim your ends after, as it will be needed. Stay tuned for my updated post: “How I cut my hair” next 🙂

♥ Do not use hair clips, ties or wear a hat within the first 24 hours. 

Wash hair as little as possible to keep the treatment lasting longer.

Only use sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioners so it doesn’t strip away the keratin. 

Wet a piece by accident? It is suggested to touch up with flatiron. Do not go swimming after. 

It’s best to lighten/color the hair first, then apply the keratin treatment after as it locks the color in place. This extends colored hair beautifully.

♥ You can also rinse out completely after application. Shampoo, condition and style right after; if you absolutely can’t refrain from wetting your hair or styling it. Your results wont last as long though.

♥ If you don’t follow these tips… use low end after care and wash more than needed; your results may only last about 4 months. With proper after care it may last 6-8 months. 


♦ It’s actually safe! Formaldehyde Free. High levels of exposure (formaldehyde) may cause some types of cancers.

♦ I’ve used this for almost 2 years now and it’s gotten me the most compliments thus far. It saves me so much time as my hair can get crazy. I naturally have frizzy and curly hair from my half Italian side. I’ll be depressed if they stop making this. 

♦ Can’t mess up the hair. No matter what kind of texture and type. It’s recommended for all.

♦ Truly top quality keratin. It has amazing reviews.

♦ The bottle will literally last you a few years. 

♦ It doesn’t wash out in a few washes because it’s made of high quality Keratin.

♦ I’ve tried MANY other brands with disappointing results. They are very toxic, unsafe and smelt like death. After doing extensive research, this is truly the best of the best.

♥ A big thank you to everyone who GOT A COPY OF MY E-BOOK 


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All my honest thoughts and opinions. I am not being paid to talk about anything in this post. Some links may be affiliated. Only trying to help spread the word of products/tools that actually work and give me the best results after trying other kinds. Remember, you never have to use what I use — only if you’d like to try it out for yourself and get amazing results too. This post is not sponsored. 




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