The Beautiful Philippines

I’m actually really sad these were the only fun things I did; however, that leads to more explorations in the future 🙂 These fun island hoping moments only consisted of 2 weeks out of my 3 month stay over seas. Everything happens for a reason guys! If two weeks is all you got, I highly suggest these places! OMG!!!! Once my friend who planned everything left; I was stuck with a non-exciting person, and it was nothing but gym and cafe’s the rest of the trip… Not what I signed up for… For those of you who read my book, you know the full story of this already :p 

I AM SO EXCITED TO EXPLORE THE REST OF THE PHILIPPINES PROPERLY ONE DAY! I am planning a fun 2-3 month solo trip. Yes, I said SOLO 🙂 Not many people can take that much time off; that’s mainly why, and plus… I love being alone too! Part of my INFJ side. MAYBE a special someone will get to experience some bomb new travel adventures with me. Better yet, a nice circle of peeps 🙂 But in all seriousness; no one can take that much time off! Either way, I can’t wait. There are so many more beautiful Philippine islands on my bucket list. I wish to re-visit this year or next <3 Whenever Covid really goes away.  Enjoy 🙂

1.) Boracay

One of the most gorgeous white sand beaches in the world! I really wanted to go parasailing. It’s a definite must do! One of the most popular things to do in Boracay, actually! There are tons of beautiful ocean front restaurants, if you like a more relaxing feel. It’s truly like paradise here. D Mall has so many cool (one of kind) souvenirs and shops to check out. Lots of walking and beautiful sights. The downfall? I actually got sick from being in the water! 3 days of flu like symptoms. So many other tourists were getting sick too! A few years later, they literally shut down the ENTIRE island for 6 months to resolve the sewage conditions! It’s a lot safer now. I would still go back in a heart beat. Just the journey getting here was an adventure alone!

2.) Bohol

Lots of outdoor adventures here! It was my first time zip biking (sky cycling), a pure rush of adrenaline! I loved it. Biking right next to the famous Chocolate Hills, they literally look like real life Hershey kisses. Incredible. I had an absolute fantastic time here.

I highly recommend these spots in Bohol!

1.) Sagbabyan Peak

2.) Bohol Chocoloate Adventure Park

3.) Atmosphere Night Club

4.) Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge (bamboo bridge)

3.) Panglao Island

Another Beautiful little island in the north Bohol Sea. Hinagdanan Cave is one of the most famous Tourist spots here and it’s stunning! One of the clearest waters I have ever seen in my life!

4.) Cebu City

Cebu has EVERYTHING! Beautiful resorts, huge mega malls, an amazing night life scene and tons of relaxing inexpensive spas! ONLY 9$ CAD an hour, for a full body massage! Ming Thai Spa @ 47 F. Cabahug Street is my favorite massage place! They give the best services and at a very reasonable price. They also offer couple rooms. I always felt well taken care of here. I literally went to this spa every other day, sometimes daily if I wasn’t feeling sore 🙂 

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