The Hidden Side – E-BOOK

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If you are into real life, illegal and true story events — my book is filled with drama, chaos, betrayal, crime, and suspense. It, unfortunately, is a true story that happened to me which most people never want to be reminded about in their lifetime.

It took years to recover from and I am grateful to still be standing strong with a voice to share everything I’ve learned. It’s filled with excellent self-help tips that people pay thousands for — golden advice that will further open your eyes if nothing else has seemed to work. You are not alone, I am here to help you overcome anything.

Many will benefit from all the valuable life lessons about this tragedy that I managed to escape from it all — physically, mentally and emotionally.

Thank you for all your love and support, I truly appreciate it.

Expected release date: March 2020
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In this book, you will discover a disturbing and shocking hidden secret, kept on a down low for decades that Rose accidentally one day discovered which put her life at risk. Learn how she managed to escape from this real-life nightmare and the lessons she learned on her journey to freedom and recovery.

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