The Hidden Side – E-BOOK


Every day I am grateful to still be standing strong, and with a voice to share my story. From multiple unfortunate real-life events: crime, betrayal, illegal acts and hidden secrets, which lead me to become the best version of myself today. Regardless of what life has thrown my way, self-care is vital—mental health matters. In the end, all you have is you. Life can be amazing, and it’s never too late to live your dream.

Many will benefit from all the valuable life lessons on how I overcame it all, the hidden side… physically, mentally and emotionally. My book is filled with excellent self-help tips that people pay thousands for — golden advice that will further open your eyes if nothing else has seemed to work.

You are not alone. I am here to help you overcome anything. Big or small. I reveal it all: true happiness, red flags, relationship advice, work advice, life-secrets, healthy habits, and more hacks that not everyone cracks; unless you have experienced a few awakening moments.

Thank you for all your love and support. I truly appreciate it.

Rose, xxoo


(53,000+ words, 273 pages long)

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In this book, you will discover a disturbing and shocking hidden secret, kept on a down low for decades that Rose accidentally one day discovered which put her life at risk. Learn how she managed to escape from this real-life nightmare and the lessons she learned on her journey to freedom and recovery.

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