How to Cut Perfect Side Swept Bangs

This was a huge hit. 20+ MILLION VIEWS! My best video thus far. I originally came up with this hair cutting technique and it has helped so many of you too! I still use the same methods and nothing else is as efficient or fool proof! Honest truth. Thank you for all the love on this. I revamped the video, enjoy <3  

TIPS & Advice For First time Hair Cutters

1.) All you need is a good pair of scissors to get the ultimate best results. I highly recommend these professional hair cutting scissors. Super Sharp! They will last you years! 

2.) Use natural daylight. It will help you see 100 times better. Avoid cutting on carpet! Clean up will be a breeze on hard flooring.

3.) It’s best to trim your bangs every 3-4 weeks! You want them to stay at that perfect level. As new hair grows, dead ends will be vanished. You will truly have healthy gorgeous long hair all year round, and without having to spend extra money. 

4.) It’s very important to only cut your hair when it’s dry, and most importantly straight. If you don’t, you won’t be able to see (in real time) the final results. The goal is to cut your hair on the straightest hairs possible. A good flat iron will do the trick. 

All my honest thoughts and opinions, not being paid to talk about anything in this video. Some links may be affiliated. Only trying to help spread the word of products/tools that actually work and give me the best results after trying other kinds. Remember, you never have to use what I use — only if you’d like to try it out for yourself too and get similar results 😉 This video is not sponsored. 





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