Why it’s Better to Stay Single

Did you know? A child brought up by a loving and happy single mother, turned out more mentally stable in their adult life — as opposed to growing up in a toxic home where both parents were constantly fighting… A child had shown much higher chances of being suicidal,  anti-social and depressed if both parents unhappily forced themselves to “just stay together for the kids”. It’s REALLY HARD to fake genuine happiness (24/7) around children in a broken home. For the mental sake of your children, they are better off being raised by a happy single parent or guardian, if that’s the case. Or… not to have children at all, which most people in our generation are doing — for financial reasons too. 

An unhappy single mother is also another recipe for disaster! Unfortunately, the child will show much higher signs of growing up to be a mama’s boy; the pressure drilled in him at such a young age to believe it’s his duty to always make her happy. If you ever met a guy who seems like the world will end if he ever left his mothers side, run for the hills. It’s the mothers duty to be happy, and should never put all the burden on their children in the first place. These men grow up believing it’s their priority to forever please their mothers, before their own happiness, until the death of them… in extreme toxic cases. 

 Most of these poor men don’t get to experience a normal healthy lifestyle. It’s really sad to witness. They are usually moody, drained on energy, depressed, with the itch to always want to drink the night away. It’s not even their faults. Most of these grown men still think nothing is wrong with being a mama’s boy… Why? Because that’s how they grew up with it being normalized. Twisted stuff, right?! Most don’t realize, or take any action because they were mentally manipulated for the most part of their lives. Some of these toxic mothers will even sabotage their own sons happiness, if she senses it… just so he will never actually leave her side in some cases. Not all of course, there are different levels to this. Situations like this can only be fixed when the man finally realizes it’s time to balance things out and take solid action. HUGE KUDOS TO THOSE WHO ARE TRYING TO BREAK THEIR OWN CHILD HOOD WOUNDS, TOXIC CYCLES AND WANT A HEALTHY BALANCED LIFE, FOR THE BETTER. Take note: This is just one example of the many more problems that come when a mentally unhappy mother raises a child on her own. This topic can go REALLY deep. I just scratched the surface a bit here.

In conclusion, it’s vital for ONE or BOTH parents to be in a mentally solid loving state to raise the most happy, mentally stable, and strongest babies ever! I really admire the ones who got it down. To the single moms, dads who held it together and was able to raise such good people in our world! No matter how hard it got. You guys deserve the universe and more! It might sound scary to stay single, but if the environment is toxic, you’re asking for trouble down the road. Sometimes it’s just better to stay single. The world would be so much peaceful. I seriously could go on and on, each situation is different. The most I can do is try and awaken some light and hope it won’t be too late for others.

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Why it's better to stay single

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