Thailand Must Do’s

Two weeks of Thailand footage narrowed down into a five min video was a challenge! Thousands of files… Being a perfectionist doesn’t help. It’s a curse. I’m so happy this is complete! Thank you for being patient; to those asking when my next post will be up. FINALLY, RIGHT! Tehehe. I’ve also been enjoying Toronto’s rare gorgeous weather lately, maybe a little too much. Sorry not sorry :p Thailand was another dream vacation of mine! This was taken a few years ago. Another amazing all girls trip. Better late than never. Enjoy <3

1.) Mo Ko Ang Thong

This National Marine Park is an absolute must do in Koh Samui! If you’re into fast speed boat rides, snorkeling, kayaking, great food and breath taking island views; you’ll forever have fond memories that will remind you how amazing life can be. This was an amazing and well planned day trip. I would do it again and again! 

2.) Passa Resort

I am so grateful to have experienced this gem. Very secluded. We had our own walk out private pool, very beautiful grounds, and our room was tastefully decorated. Another paradise spot! The food was delivered to our private hut in style. It was on point. We had an amazing time here.

3.) Full Moon Party

Seriously the most epic all-night beach party I have ever experienced. Mostly tourists attend this huge once a month event. You’ll find about 10-30 thousand happy people here! Keep your belongings and friends close to you at all times, don’t let your drink out of sight. This place can be a dangerous one! Truly a mad experience. 

4.) Sky Bar Bang kok

This city at night is stunning! During the day I love how their sky train flows everywhere and looks like a piece of moving art.  Sky Bar Bangkok is the best roof top lounge in Thailand, hands down. It is actually the highest rooftop bar in the world! Breath taking views. It was a once in a life time experience! 

5.) Fisherman's Village

A beautiful and relaxing atmosphere in Koh Samui. Lots of walking and sightseeing. Tons of restaurants, boutiques and stalls to explore. I really enjoyed this place. Coco Tam’s is a must stop! It becomes most alive at night and on some days, with fire show performances. If you want to impress your date, bring them here! I can’t wait to visit again.

6.) ko phi phi don Island

Paradise on earth is real guys! It has beautiful turquoise water, a golden beach and coconuts on a palm trees next to hammocks.  Phi Phi Island is incredibly gorgeous. It’s no surprise that tons of people have this on their bucket list! In real life, I can’t even explain how amazing this island looks. No disappointments here. Lots of drone footage in my video (below) for you <3

7.) Code Resort

It felt like all my worries were taken away once I arrived here. If I had to recommend the best resort to stay in Thailand… it has to be Code Resort in Koh Samui. Breath taking views. A very delicious breakfast buffet on site. Amazing staff. Clean and well taken care of rooms. It was truly paradise here. I would love to go back and experience this with someone special next time, maybe :p

8.) Elephant Jungle Paradise Park

I had a super fantastic day here. Guides were fun and brilliant. Staff seemed to really care for the animals. Being around elephants for the first time was such a wonderful experience. The park is literally in the middle of the jungle and only accessible by a 4×4; truly in the elephants own habitat. It was about 1.5 hours away. The staff made extra effort to ensure they were looked after at all times. The waterfall experience was amazing. All topped off with yummy lunch. Would recommend this trip to anyone! It was a phenomenal experience! 

9.) Basil Cookery Class

I made these dishes ^.^ Mango Sticky Rice, Pad Thai, Chicken Coconut Milk Soup, Spring Rolls. DELISH ASF.

This is such a great way to spend an evening, if you’re not tired! I never tried a cooking class and this exceeded any expectations. Our instructor was very friendly, funny and spoke great English. We got to go to the market prior and learn about each ingredient. It was a bomb experience! It was awesome getting to learn all of the traditional Thai dishes. The food was all excellent! The most delicious foods ever. You get to keep all the recipes in a little booklet too! Make sure you come starving as there is lots to eat! Overall great experience and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun night activity! 

10.) AuthoRs' Lounge

The best high tea time experience in my life! It’s an elegant and beautiful setting with a lovely atmosphere and fantastic service. Every single piece of food is beautifully made and presented. I strongly recommend this place! But… prepare yourself for a long Afternoon High Tea because the portions are so generous. 

11.) Golden Buddha

A major highlight in Bangkok! Temple of the Golden Buddha (Wat Traimit) is one of the many beautiful temples if Bangkok, but… this one stands out due to the 5,5 tons solid gold Buddha the temple was build around. Truly a marvelous sight to see and be mesmerized by.

12.) Wat pho

The temples, statues are masterpieces. The Buddha is huge! You’ll spot it in my highlight video. The art on the walls is brilliant. I was impressed. Most people only see the large reclining Buddha. Keep an eye out, there is a lot more detail and art to observe here, and around on the grounds. You won’t ever see something like this again in your lifetime. It’s very well run.

13.) Temple Of dawn

One of Bangkok’s iconic temples. By far my favorite! It’s so beautiful, my eyes saw heaven! Temple Of Dawn (Wat Arun) is best seen at Sunset. Such a wonderful monument and certainly one of the symbols of Bangkok riverside.

14.) Rod Fai Night Market

A perfect way to end the night. It’s filled with interesting items, mostly marked at low prices and yummy foods from unique vendors. This market is massive! There are bars and live music along with nice views.

15.) Ko Ma Beach Resort

I love this resort. It’s just a drive away from the full moon party and filled with stunning views and yummy food! The little huts make it extra special. Walking straight on the beach from my room felt like a dream come true!

16.) Valentine Stone

Feel like a mini hike? This is the spot! I got a good little sweat from it. Lamai viewpoint is an easy climb that offers cold beers and drinks at the top. It’s a pretty view! Now, it’s no Ang thong National Marine park view point… but if you’re staying in Lamai, it’s worth the visit!

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