The Body Shop | 40th Anniversary!

Hey loves! How are you doing?! I literally just got home, took a bath and headed straight to my computer for this post <3 . I absolutely love The Body Shop and have been a fan ever since I can remember! I love how they are a company that stands behind the importance of products being natural and especially like how they are moving towards making their lines even more natural as can be and helping the environment all at the same time. Today at their 40th anniversary, my friend Therese and I got to see some new and exiting future launches and we also took some pics of the lovely venue! Hope you’re all doing well. Enjoy <3


Rose Russo and Therese De Jesus

40th Anniversay
Rose Russo
Therese De Jesus
The Body ShopIMG_1670
Rose Russo and Therese De Jesus


Rose Russo


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