Top things to do in Paris

Finally! Here is my FULL Paris travel guide + diaries! This was an all girls trip (a bit strange for it being the city of love) BUT, I am excited to maybe re-visit with a special someone in the future. It’s definitely the city of love. Save the girls trip for another place. It’s truly the most romantic city in the world, out of all the places I’ve travelled to. 

1.) Louvre Museum

It is absolutely fucking gorgeous here!!! This is the world’s largest art museum and is best known for being the home of the Mona Lisa. I wish we had time to go inside, but that’s something I am totally looking forward to in the future. This is an amazing spot to take photos. It felt like I was in a fairy tale movie scene.  

2.) Ciel De Paris

This is the highest restaurant in all of Europe! If you want to see the best view of the Eiffel Tower and other land marks, go here! It was one of the fanciest restaurants I’ve ever been to. Truly an unforgettable experience. Out of all the restaurants I’ve been to in Paris, this is the one I can’t wait to re-visit the most!

3.) laudree

Seriously the most delicious macarons you’ll ever try! I was blown away. Laudree is best known as the world’s premium seller for these treats. If you have a sweet tooth, this will satisfy your cravings. Guess what?! My home town (Toronto) now has LAUDREE! OMG! RIGHT?! If I’m ever sad, a box of these and some fresh flowers will “maybe” get you on my good side again đŸ˜‰

4.) Eiffel Tower

Seeing this structure with my own eyes made me realize how HUGE and BEAUTIFUL it really is in real life. The internet can’t compare. It’s no doubt an impressive monument.  A must visit in Paris.  Us girls didn’t have time to wait in line to see the top, it’s definitely a must do. 

5.) Miss ko

If you’re craving Asian food, Miss Ko will hit the spot. There are not as many Asian cuisines in Paris, this was a nice change and treat! The red atmosphere lighting surely leveled up the experience.

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6.) Galeries Lafayette

By far the best shopping mall in Paris! Maybe world?! I have never seen such incredible views, the famous glass Couple is incredible! This place has EVERYTHING!

7.) Arc de Triomphe

One of the most famous monuments in Paris. Gorgeous views. If you love strolling around outside on a sunny day, this is the absolute perfect area to visit. Tons and tons of boutiques and well known brands. By far my favorite shopping experience ever! 

8.) Hotel Villa Saxe Eiffel

This hotel is absolutely stunning! It has a sauna, fitness room, and my favorite; the full body massage chair! Excellent location, 10 min walk to Metro Transit. Only a 20 min walk to the gorgeous Eiffel Tower. The staff spoke English very well. Super posh rooms, I had a wonderful experience here!

Chill Area

9.) Pont des arts

The lock bridge! Sadly doesn’t exist anymore. This bridge is famous for all the love locks placed on it by thousands of visitors over time. As the weight of the locks took its toll, it became unbearable for the bridge and dangerous to pedestrians. ALL the locks were removed. However, Pont des Arts is still a lovely pedestrian bridge over the Seine River. At one entry side of the bridge is the Institut de France, and at the other side is the Palais du Louvre. The views from the bridge are quite lovely and it is totally worth a visit.

10.) Pizza Pino

Craving Italian food in Paris? Pizza Pino has it all. Their foods are DELISH AF! Quite big portions, and they have a nice patio too. Such romantic feels!

11.) Montmartre

I loved the scenic drive to this artistic church. The interior of the church fills one with a sense of grandeur. It’s located on higher grounds; FREE gorgeous views of the city. There are tons of touristy shops that sell (one of a kind) items, like silk scarves and handbags; half the cost than more fashionable areas. 

12.) La Coupe D'or

This Café serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has a beautiful ambient feel. I had a lovely brunch here. Escargot anyone? The patio is perfect for people watching that is located on a trendy intersection.

13.) Avenue Montaigne, Champs-Elysées

WOW! This is really an aristocratic avenue. It’s filled with luxurious branded fashion shops; targeted by the actresses, stars and society elite. It is “La crème de la crème” as it’s said in French. Just walking on this street is a pleasure and joy itself.

14.) Jardin Des Tuileries

The Jardin des Tuileries park is a classic landmark of Paris. It’s connected to Louvre Museum. Truly stunning, a romantic place to have a nice picnic and people watch. The gardens are beautiful and have excellent sculptures. Some of these wonderful works of art are off to the sides; do wonder off the main avenue!

15.) Cafe De flore

Hands down the best omelette I ever had in my life! It was buttery, silky soft and just melt in my mouth. It almost was too good to be true. I can’t wait to have breakfast here again. IT WAS PHENOMINAL! 11 out of 10 stars. Quite the quintessential French lunch experience you’re looking for. Café de Flore is an incredibly interesting and historical café. Located on St Germain. If you’re looking for a café to have the cinematic French brunch, then this is it. 

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